Narcotics Addiction Clinic “Doctor Blago Plus”

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Dr. Blago Plus offers extensive and accurate psychotherapy programs. This is why we would like to introduce our methods of Psychotherapy. In many drug addiction cases psychotherapy becomes the most important part of an addict’s rehabilitation. Furthermore our professional methods, one on one unbiased interactions with a psychologist allows the patient to solve his or hers addictions and strengthen their mental state. Physiotherapy can be done in groups or single sessions in order to correct the patients mental stage and his or hers wellbeing.

  • We will provide respectful interactions with the patient, no matter the status or condition and type of addiction
  • Understanding of the patients problems and closeness to the patient
  • All sessions are discreet and anonyms
  • We practice the necessary and correct rehabilitation 

Here at Dr. Blago we will help your loved ones. Drug Addiction is a horrible disease in many of today’s homes. It quickly overtakes and destroys lives. We want to help you and your family.  Dr. Blago Plus will take on any case that comes our way. We will rehabilitate and bring back your loved one to you.