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“NARCOTICS” The risk of Drugs Addiction

It is known to all haw narcotics affect and damage the heart, liver, and nervous system. The most significant trauma while using any drugs is to our brain cells: change of character, the loss of common sense and memory. (Individuals with drug addiction whom regularly use drugs without any knowledge of the drug or its powerful damage and chemical imbalance) have a very high risk of overdose and possible death. Here at Dr. Blago Plus we treat all narcotic addiction which will be mentioned below.

“Types of Narcotics we treat at Dr. Blago”

Drugs are a chemical mixture (by law banned in every major country) While using drugs a person experiences euphoria or “high”. This high could be happiness or pleasure. Therefore a physical or mental addiction is created.

“Different types of drugs treated at Dr. Blago Plus”

·        Opium- morphine, codeine

·        Stimulators- Coldat, Trifel, Metafetamine

·        Phsycodelic- MDMA (ecstasy), PCP, LSD, Mushrooms

·        Inhalers- petrol, glue

·        Heroin

·        Methadone

·        Amphetamine

·        Cocaine

·        Crack Cocaine

·        Spice